Drama Remedy has been a great discovery. My daughter Georgia is 10 and has been
attending Maneesha's classes for the past 8 months including one of the 3 day holiday
programmes. Georgia loves to hold centre stage and Drama Remedy has been the perfect
programme for her to express herself, learn new skills and develop her speech and role
playing. She absolutely loves the lessons and looks forward to gaining speech and drama
qualifications through Trinity College. I recommend Drama Remedy to all my friends’ kids.

Adam Simpson

Speech and Drama lessons with Drama Remedy conducted by Maneesha have given my
daughter the ability to express herself with clarity, courtesy and confidence. The learning
module which includes vocal development, reading aloud, poetry speaking, drama,
improvisation and literature appreciation are very valuable skills which have boosted her
confidence in speaking in social and personal level. We wish Maneesha good luck and all the best.
You are doing a great job.

Sumit & Karishma

When I first met Maneesha I had the gut feeling that here was a special teacher: intelligent,
warm, eager to find work and embrace her new life in New Zealand. I crossed my fingers
that others would see the potential that I saw in her. She started teaching at St Mark’s
Church School shortly after we met and later established her own studio teaching outside of
school hours. It wasn’t long before we started receiving exam candidates from Maneesha,
and they’ve consistently achieved good and at times outstanding results – my gut feeling was right!

Catherine Martin
NZ National Representative
Trinity College London

Maneesha was a warm hearted and friendly individual who mixed well with her colleagues
and superiors. As a teacher, her work was thoroughly planned and carried out with passion
and determination. She was a loyal and dedicated teacher who always gave her best for the
good of Lyceum.

Dilmi Ratnayake
Lyceum International School
B.Sc.(Hons), P.G.D.B.M., P.G.D. Ed.

Maneesha was a pupil of the Academy for many years. The syllabuses she followed included
Speech & Drama, Effective Communication Skills, Spoken English and English Literature.
These are all specialized subjects, and require meticulous work in preparing case studies,
workshops and detailed lessons plans. Maneesha has proved to be an efficient and
enthusiastic teacher. She has excellent class control and is able to impart her knowledge
clearly and concisely. She is a hardworking, intelligent young woman with an excellent,
attitude towards her work.

Wendy Holsinger
Wendy Whatmore Academy of Speech & Drama
L.T.C.L., F.T.C.L

Maneesha has been a valued Drama teacher at our After School Drama and Voice programme
for students from within our school and the wider community since 2011. In our small
classes she shares her expertise and inspires the students to do their very best,
whilst developing their skills and confidence in communication and performance skills.
This is also affirmed by their success in the Trinity College Drama and Speech examinations
– and attainment of the ‘Highest Achievement Award’ in New Zealand for one such student.

Vicki-Marie Buchanan
Director of Performing Arts
St Mark’s Church School, Wellington, New Zealand.